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What is Passive Brain Fitness®? 

Passive Brain Fitness® is a class of audio and visual mind building technologies that may improve cognitive functioning, mood and productivity when used as directed.

Passive Brain Fitness® is like taking your brain to the gym but in a way that feels like relaxing with beautiful visuals and music.

Different from brain games, Passive Brain Fitness® technologies may provide many long term benefits and short term benefits without causing brain fog or making you feel tired.

Passive Brain Fitness® won’t slow you down. In fact, our customers report that it helps them think and feel better while helping to bring forth their best.

Passive Brain Fitness®  Audio

Passive Brain Fitness® Audio encourages electrical signals to travel back and forth between the left and right hemispheres causing the brain to do intense subconscious processing through a process called "Sound Localization

After listening for just a few minutes, Passive Brain Fitness® Audio customers have reported improvements in the capacity for higher order thinking AND increased access to creative resources and intuition.

Passive Brain Fitness® Audio is commonly used to stimulate a profound “relaxation response” or improve focus and attention. It can also be used to induce the deepest of meditative states similar to those of a practised master in just minutes.

Passive Brain Fitness® Video

The information that enters your eyes project directly to 40% of your cerebral cortex, giving it the potential ability to exert the strongest influence on your brain.

Passive Brain Fitness® Video technology is designed to quickly stimulate your brain for a variety of positive outcomes in 7 minutes or less.

What happens when you combine Passive Brain Fitness® Video with Passive Brain Fitness® Audio ?

You get a very beautiful and immersive experience that helps you strengthen you brain while improving the way you think and feel.