What is Passive Brain Fitness™

Passive Brain Fitness™ is a class of audio and visual brain building technologies that exercises your brain for long-term benefits while instantly improving your mental processing power, memory and focus.

It is like taking your brain to the gym but in a way that feels like relaxing with beautiful visuals and music.

Different from brain games, Passive Brain Fitness™ technologies provide many long term benefits and short term benefits without causing brain fog or making you feel tired. Playing brain games exhausts your conscious energy, making it harder to focus and concentrate.

Passive Brain Fitness™ won’t slow you down. In fact, it will help you think and feel better while helping to bring forth the best you can be every single day.

Just like regular exercise, my technology has a cumulative effect. The more you use it, the more the technology will work for you.

You’ll find Jeff’s Passive Brain Fitness™ technology in nearly every product available on this site.

Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio

Your ears transfer more complex and frequent bursts of information between the hemispheres of the brain than any other sense organ.

From just a single second of precise stimulation, Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio will cause brain signals to travel back and forth between the left and right hemispheres causing the brain to do INTENSE subconscious math.

After listening for just a few minutes, Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio will have revved up your capacity for higher order thinking AND it will have increased your capacity to access your creative resources and intuition

Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio is commonly used to stimulate a profound “relaxation response” as it encourages balanced electrical activity in the brain that compares with the deepest meditative states of practiced masters.


Passive Brain Fitness™ Video

The information that enters your eyes project directly to 40% of your cerebral cortex, giving it the potential ability to exert the strongest influence on your brain.
Passive Brain Fitness™ Video technology is designed to quickly stimulate your brain for a variety of positive outcomes in 10 minutes or less.

What happens when you combine Passive Brain Fitness™ Video with Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio ? In a word “MAGIC”! You get the most powerful self-improvement, brain enhancement and personal relaxation tool on earth!