The Science and Research

What Are Brainwaves?

Picture of Real Time Brainwave EEG readingsBrainwaves are the result of the ongoing electrical activity in the brain measured in cycles per second (Hz).  The brain is always producing electrical impulses that shift and change based on what it is you are doing and / or experiencing.

When you are wide awake, focused and alert, your brainwaves will look very different then when you are in a deep dreamless sleep.

The scientific community has been measuring brainwave activity for over 100 years with ever increasing precision and in that time, we have learned that:

  • Brainwave activity correlates very strong and sometimes perfectly with what people are feeling, experiencing and doing both subconsciously and consciously
  • Brainwave activity can be reliably and predictably changed by using very special sensory stimulus (usually auditory and visual) to achieve specific short term and long term emotional and cognitive benefits.

By studying brainwave activity, we know what happens (electrically) in the brain when things go wrong or are out of balance. On the flip side, we also understand what happens when a person achieves exceptional states and abilities across a wide range of activities and situations.

The huge amounts of data that we now have on brainwave activity serves to create an “electrical blueprint” that allows us to create very special types of audio and visual stimulation to enhance our lives. This type of stimulation is often referred to as Brainwave Entrainment and / or Brainwave Stimulation.

Brainwave Stimulation is real science and its efficacy is backed by multitudes of peer reviewed research and clinical studies. The word “Peer Reviewed” is important because anyone can do research but to have it reviewed and accepted as science among the scientific community signifies that it is good and reliable research.

Understanding Brainwaves

When brainwave activity is measured, it is typically put into 6 main categories that are associated with specific, mental, emotional and physical states and abilities. 

Below you will find the 6 main categories that are commonly studied when measuring brainwave activity and the associated research and science behind each category.

Gamma: 30Hz + (Level 5) +

Compassion, Empathy, Decision making under stress, higher brain functioning and processes, influences sensory organization processing and integration. believed to strongly influence the organization and interpretation of sensory data. Believed to have a strong impact on social consciousness and right and wrong. Enhanced self awareness and insight. GAMMA frequencies are found naturally in higher amounts in long term practitioners of various forms of meditation. Believed to enhance the ability to achieve goals. Improves clarity of thought and believed to improve intuition.

In Scientific, Peer Reviewed Research, GAMMA Stimulation has shown to:

Using a the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC-3) students were measure on several areas of intelligence and before and after 6 weeks of Gamma Stimulation. Average improvement in score for the participants were as follows:

  1. Information processing speed and visual motor co-ordinationAverage improvement in score: 53.9%
  2. Freedom from distractibility – Average improvement in score: 32.5%
  3. Visual short term memory and sequencing ability – Average improvement in score: 32%
  4. Arithmetic and number ability and short term memory. – Average improvement in score: 33.9%



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Beta: 13Hz to 30Hz (Level 5 and Level 1) +

Wide awake – sensory motor awareness. Focused and alert, analytical thinking, learning new information quickly, complex mental processing. Usually associated with peak mental and physical performance. Also associated with stress and anxiety. Can be used to enhance the absorption and processing of new information.

In Scientific, Peer Reviewed Research, Beta Stimulation has shown to:

Improve focus and attention – 81% improvement on scores measured by WISC-3 Freedom from Distractability scale

Reduce fatigue by 34% measured by POMs Fatigue Sore

Improved GPA Score by .62

Improved Grade Reading Level (GE) by  .6 grades in only two weeks


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Alpha – 8Hz to 12Hz (Level 1 and Level 2) +

Associated with lighter meditative states. associated with super learning. More relaxed. Relaxed yet alert but not necessarily engaged in active processing. Ready to respond, positive thinking, creative problem solving. Mod elevations, stress reduction, enhanced creativity, bridges the consciousness with the unconscious mind, better access to resources involved in creativity, can be a source of motivation and inspiration.

In Scientific, Peer Reviewed Research, Alpha Stimulation has shown to:

  1. Significantly reduced the number of patients that reported pain during an endoscopy procedure  from 90% to 15% (WOW)
  2. Significantly Reduced Stress and Anxiety as measured by the STAI (anxiety test) 
  3. Produced significant improvements in memory for recollection of words
  4. Deepened Meditation for participants


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Theta – 4Hz to 7.5Hz (Level 2) +

Dream state, creative inspirations, hypnogogic state, enhanced visualization, deep meditation, sleep spindles, deep relaxation, inner peace and sense of well being, long term memory. Believed to increase inner wisdom, enhanced intuition, reduce stress and transformational help for limiting beliefs. May negatively affect attention disorders such ADD and ADHD

In Scientific, Peer Reviewed Research, Beta Stimulation has shown to:

  1. Reduced Anxiety scores by 56% 
  2. Improved Hypnotic induction
  3. Improved ability to meditate


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Delta – 0.6Hz to 3.5Hz (Level 3 and Level 4) +

Deep sleep, no dreams, physical healing and recuperation, healing of the limbic system, may positively improve symptoms of PTSD, empathy. Believed to help with inner growth and wisdom, recovery from trauma.

In Scientific, Peer Reviewed Research, Beta Stimulation has shown to:

  1. Cured headaches for 14 out of 15 people
  2. Reduced anxiety by 26% over just music alone
  3.  58% of persons that received Delta stimulation during the day experienced improvements in sleep quality and reduction in fatigue


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Sub Delta – 0.1Hz to 0.5Hz (Level 4) +

Positive effect on the limbic system, healing, believed to be the source of deep inner wisdom peace and divine knowledge.

There is very littel research using the sub-delta range. I my personal experience with my clients, I have found stimulation in this range to:

  1. Iimprove sleep quality
  2. Promote healing
  3. Significantly improve recovery time from physical and traumatic injury
  4. Reduce mental and physical fatigue
  5. Restore deminished libido
  6. Improve ability to meditate
  7. Reduce stress and anxiety

Core Benefits of Brainwave Stimulation

In general, brainwave stimulation / entertainment will produces several short-term benefits and several long term long-term benefits. In many cases, the short-term benefits can last several hours up to a week as a persons uses the technology on a regular and consistent basis.

Over time, some of the short-term benefits can become more permanent or become what is referred to as  long-term benefits.

  • Produce new neural-pathways growth in the brain.
  • Improve memory, focus and concentration.
  • Reduce negative thinking.
  • Reduce stress and negative feelings.
  • Improvements in mental performace.
  • Encourage the production of “Feel Good” brain chemicals.
  • Produce general improvements in physical performance (when used as directed)

Unique Benefits of Brainwave Stimulation

The unique benefits of using brainwave stimulation / entertainment technology can vary immensely depending on the technology you use and the purpose that it was created.

The unique benefits that you will receive will also depend on the consistency that you use the technology and follow the direction provided.

Here are some examples of the more Unique Benefits that brainwave stimulation can be engineered to help you achieve.

  • Deep Meditation
  • Reduce Symptoms of ADD / ADHD
  • Prosperity Mindset
  • Healing of Physical and Emotional Trauma
  • Happiness and Productivity
  • Law of Attraction
  • Increase Intelligence
  • Re-Program Specific Negative Emotions and Behaviors
  • Enlightenment

What is Passive Brain Fitness™ Video and Audio Technology?

BrainPowerPassive Brain Fitness™ is a class of audio and visual brain building technologies that exercises your brain for long-term benefits while almost instantly improving your mental processing power, memory and focus for hours at a time.

It’s like taking your brain to the gym but with zero hassles and loads of immediate benefits.

Different from brain games, Passive Brain Fitness™ technologies provide many long term benefits and short term benefits without causing brain fog or making you tired. Playing brain games exhausts your conscious energy making it harder to focus, concentrate and be productive.

Passive Brain Fitness™ won’t slow you down, in fact it will help you think better and feel better helping you to get the most out of every single day and because it is Passive Technology, you can relax and unwind while the technology does the work for you.

The best part is, the more you use it, the more the technology will work for you. That’s Neuroscience!

You’ll find Jeff’s Passive Brain Fitness™ technology in nearly every product available on this site.

This is Why It’s Better

Passive Brain Fitness Technology is created using Brainwave Entrainment and Brainwave Stimulation technologies with some huge upgrades that are the result of Jeffery’s years of research and development.


Passive Brain Fitness™ Video Review

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Why Jeffrey Gignac?


Jeffrey Gignac is considered by many of today’s top thought leaders as the world’s best creator and innovator of brainwave science and technology. He is also quickly becoming a top expert in Goal Achievement and Personal Development, bringing over 23 years of practical experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to all his creations.

Jeffrey continues to invested tens of thousands of dollars each year in special brainwave EEG biofeedback equipment and research for his projects. This is very different from what most people do that sell brainwave entrainment / stimulation products. Jeffrey knows what works and what does not work because studies and seeks to improve upon it each day.

This is why Jeffrey Gignac has been hired by everyone from John Assaraf (The Movie the Secret) to Corporations to Government Funded industries to create and design leading edge solutions that work.

Physiologists, Coaches, Teachers, Doctors and other professionals regularly engage Jeffrey to help produce technology, training and content to better help their students and clients.

All Brainwave Entrainment / Stimulation products are not equal. Despite the enormous expense of time and money Jeffrey invests each year on his training and technology, he does the best he can to keep his products and training affordable, often priced lower then inferior products on the market.

Jeff has created several proprietary and protect technologies that you won’t find anywhere else. These include:

These include:

  • Element “B” Audio technology:
    • A proprietary way of delivering binaural beats to improve cortical evoked responses in the brain and to speed up the process of inducing a frequency following response.
  • Passive Brain Fitness Audio Technologies
    • A proprietary method of exercising the brain passively using complex audio frequency patterning and spatial manipulation of sound.
  • Passive Brain Fitness Video Technologies
    • A proprietary method of exercising the brain passively, using Passive Brain Fitness Audio Technologies and video stimulation technologies simultaneously to improve various cognitive factors.

Jeff is currently researching the advantages of stimulating sub-dominant brainwave activity over dominant brainwave activity as a means of improving memory and attention in persons diagnosed with ADD / ADHD

Your continued support allows Jeffrey to continue his research and provide the very best that money can buy.