Re-program your subconscious patterns of fear and failure!

Replacing subconscious fears and patterns of failure with strong, supporting beliefs and patterns of success is JOB ONE. The Goal Factory Formula accomplishes this in a balanced, humanistic way that is  based on neurosience and and behavioral psychology.

Self-doubt in to unstoppable self-Confidence.

Self-Confidence is fuel for motivation and decisive action. Without self-confidence, everything is hard, slow and painful. As you begin to apply The Goal Factory Formula to your life, your self-confidence will naturally improve by leaps and bounds. You couldn’t stop it if you tried!

Abolish negative thinking and self-sabotage forever.

How would you like to say goodbye to negative thinking and self-sabotage once and for all? Here’s the trick…You can’t think, wish or intend you’re way out of it. You have to use proven concepts in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to get rid of quickly and forever. We will show you how.

Discover the easy way to make decisions about what to do next!  

Knowing what to do next and how to do it is one of the biggest problems when it comes to creating success. Having great goals and plans for the future is not enough. You must know what to do, step by step, day after day in order to cross the finish line and achieve your goals. The Goal Factory Formula EXCELS in this area more than any other system or program on the market today.

Leverage momentum to quickly achieve your goals in record time!

Leveraging the AWESOME POWER OF MOMENTUM  will bring you more success, faster and easier than ANY “Law of Attraction or Positive Thinking Strategy”,  That’s a fact…AND we can’t wait to prove it to you. When you discover how easy it is to do this, you’ll never look back because you’ll be too busy enjoying your new success.

Tap your creative genius to solve problems at the highest level!

Deep within you is a creative genius waiting to shine. Learning to use that creativity, intuition and inner wisdom is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. As you begin using The Goal Factory Formula, you will naturally, without effort, bring out the amazing power of your creative mind in ways that will surprise you time and time again.


In the simplest terms, The Goal Factory Formula is a revolutionary, step by step  process that helps you get from Point A ( where you are now ) to Point B (where you want to be) much faster, with less stress and struggle. It’s a very powerful, logical and science based formula that transforms your goals and desires into small, manageable tasks that takes you straight to your goals.

The Goal Factory Formula provides an answer for one of the biggest questions that exists in goal achievement and personal development:  

“What Do I Do Next”?

When you use this amazing formula, you will know exactly what to do next. You’ll know what to do and how to do so there is no more confusion and wasting time. With The Goal Factory Formula, your path is clear and defined!

successThe Goal Factory Formula is a TRUE multi-purpose formula that does many things for you, simultaneously as you use it. By using this one simple formula, you will immediately begin re-programming your brain in all the ways that you need it the most.  You will replace limiting beliefs, patterns and thought forms and anything else that has kept you down in the past with EVERYTHING you need to create the life you want to live. The best part is, you won’t have to search, find or even pay attention to your limitations for this to happen.

All those things that have weighed you down, will melt away and be replaced with their positive counterparts without you having to give it any of your time or energy. These amazing transformations are the Natural Consequences of using The Goal Factory Formula.

In addition to reprogramming known and unknown negative mental blocks, you’ll also gain some new and very exciting skills that will make you unstoppable in your pursuit of success and happiness.

How Can One Simple Formula Do All of This?

The Goal Factory Formula is the result of over 20 years of research and experience with NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Behavior Reconditioning  and The Law of Attraction. I designed this formula for myself and my clients and begun teaching it privately in 2004goalfactorydemoleft

Every year since, I’ve updated the formula to incorporate the latest cutting edge research. This is one of many reasons why it so effective at multitasking for your highest good.

The Goal Factory Formula is NOT a heavy academic training program. It does not require any special skills are training. If you can read and understand the words on this page, you have what it takes to make this work. This formula is a EXPERIENTIAL in nature. That is, you learn by doing. If I were to teach you all the science an logic behind the Goal Factory Formula, it would take years. BUT since It is something that you DO… You learn by experience, which science has shown is the best way.

How Long Does It Take?

The Online Video Training Version of The Goal Factory Formula is designed to be completed in 4 weeks but we’ve left it open so you can go at your own pace. The “Take Me By The Hand” version of The Goal Factory Formula is 6 weeks long with webinars and phone calls twice a week. With this version, you get one on one support from my staff and me personally. We keep the groups 25 people or less so you get all the attention you need.


Most Law of Attraction and success programs fail to create any measurable results because they are nothing more than a collection of principles and theories.  They do not take into account your individuality and all the things that make you special. What works for some people will not work for others…That’s the simple truth! The Goal Factory Formula is different because it is designed to adapt to you and your life as it is right now at this very moment.  The Goal Factory Formula will take you from where you are now, help you create a step by step formula that is unique to you, then show you how move forward in the most powerful and effective way possible.

special1You’ll discover how to bring in all those things that make you unique and special and enhance them in way that feels like a celebration of your life!  Now, I know some of you may not think that you are special and have unique capabilities. Some of you may not think that you are needed in this world and that you are no longer relevant. If that’s the case, I  just one thing to say….. LIES, LIES LIES!!!!!

Understand this. You are special, your are relevant and you are needed in the is world…RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!  How do I know? I’ve been helping people create the EXACT Life that they want to live for over 20 years! I’ve worked with the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. I’ve worked with thousands of people online and from all over the world and I have NEVER met anyone that has proved me wrong.

One of the many reasons that The Goal Factory Formula is SO VERY Different than anything you’ve likely every tried before is because it knows that you are special, it knows that you are needed and relevant! The Goal Factory Formula will help you recognize this fact, embrace it and celebrate it…So you can truly create the live you want to live.



If you are a student of self-development, have taken other courses and training or have been working on yourself for any appreciable amount of time, chances are you’re doing more things right than wrong. Most of the time, people like you are just one or two big AH-HA! moments away from being able to create success and build the life you really want to live.

No other course or program delivers more MASSIVE and frequent AH-HA moments than The Goal Factory Formula… Bottom Line!

What if this is your first time taking a self improvement course? Well congratulations because you’re going to be blown away by this amazing, one of a kind program. Like I’ve said many times before, there’s nothing like it because The Goal Factory Formula is a true multi-disciplinary training program that incorporates the very best of all the success sciences into one easy to use, life changing formula.


I know you’re going to love The Goal factory Formula so I want to give you an opportunity to take it for a test drive along with some of our other great products free of charge! Use the form below to quickly and easily activate your Demo Center where you will get a free module of The Goal Factory Formula.

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Now, if you want to dive right it and not waste any time at all, you can do that too and we’ll take all the risk. We offer two outstanding options!

Step By Step Online Video Training

Goal Factory Formula Gold Edition

  • Step By Step Video Training
  • Work sheets and templates
  • 24/ 7 Access to our new support desk
  • Go at your own pace
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Total Investment $147


Look What People Are Saying About The Goal Factory Formula!

Amazing- This is a winning formula and I am grateful. Doing my homework now – John Policastro

“Within just one month of watching only TWO of the four Goal Factory videos, and creating the perfect affirmation for my current goals … I was able to manifest more money within a 2 week time period than I’ve ever seen in my own bank account … not to mention the manifestation of a new car as well as a new home through the process! Thank you Jeff!”–Sean Patrick Simpson, President www.AlskaPublishing.com

Hi! I am so excitec can’t wait till the next step. I am already seeing results and have met some of my chunking down goals and mini chunking goals 🙂 health and money categories..-Trish
Jeff,Thank you so much for this amazing program! A big goal for me has been releasing negative childhood (parental) programming, mostly subconscious, that has held me back. With Goal Factory and QTC, not only have I become consciously aware of some of that programming and been able to release it, but I am seeing measurable advances toward my other goals. I have made more progress in the last two months than in the 40+ years of my adult life!Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Gwen

Greetings, Jeff, Many thanks for the latest video (Module 3, Part 2) fleshing out the differences between affirmations and goals. It’s incredibly useful to have the benefit of your examples in the Goal Factory process… Wow! It has been very clear to me for a long time how vital my emotional state is in determining the quality of my life, in every moment, every day. This is my greatest challenge – to let go of the ‘ego’ if you will, and surrender to that part of me that is always connected to Source..Your technology, tactics, and strategies are elegantly simple and easy to apply. Of course I want to share with my friends, but for now I feel the best I can do is practice, practice, practice, and uplift myself first. And it feels as though my results will come more quickly than before, although I am bringing many years of self-help work to the table.. – Monica

Hi Jeff,This stuff is Awesome. It REALLY opens your eyes to the semantics of our daily language. It’s just crazy how changing or eliminating just a couple of words can Totally Change your Minds perception of it ALL !I am a little behind but will be able to catch up this weekend, I just wanted to make sure that I hadn’t missed the conference call. I haven’t yet listened to Module 3 and wanted to make sure you hadn’t announced when it will be in that video ??Thank you SO SO Much, – Amanda

I just finished listening to both part three’s from the Goal Factory module. Wow, have you ever written up an individualized education plan for special needs students??:), because you’re explanation on how to chunk down goals is very similar the the trainings I’ve attended on how to write an IEP goal from the language being positive to the starting point leading to the big goal with clear objectives and benchmarks. Amazing!!Second, I love that you insist that the listener actually write down what you’re saying. This helps with retention on so many learning levels and addressing neurological processes.Third, the differentiation between an affirmation and a goal was excellent. I also liked how you talk about how we need both.I have my six goals written out. Now I’m going back and revising each, keeping the financial, emotional and spiritual goals you gave us because they are so darn good!By the way, tell me more about the two new downloads that are about an hour long and what specifically they address. I am still listening to both deep sync and the download originally given as part of my “bedtime routine”. I cannot believe how well I sleep, through the night, each time I listen to these. I have struggled with sleepless nights over the last several years due to hormonal changes and an extremely stressful work situation. The BWE tracks somehow help me let go of my day… better than mediating because I’m not a pro at it like Tristan and Sabrina:).Thank you!! – Teresa

Enjoying this process immensely!THANK you, – Barbara

Hi Jeff,I just wanted to tell you that I find the Goal Factory system “just what the doctor ordered!” The systematic approach to truly defining each goal as a singular entity really codifies my thought process. I believe that the Translation Filters are an important component of creating a clearly defined goal and I am using them for just about everything I am now doing.Thanks for your help and I look forward to continuing my journey with you! -David Gross