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Two Meditations To Brighten Your Day

Published May 10, 2017 in Happiness , Meditation - 0 Comments

Besides using Brainwave Entrainment Music for Meditation like Jeff’s Life Response Frequencies, the following meditations are perfect for those rainy days when you are unable to get outside to do what you originally had planned:

Relaxing Meditation

1.) Sit on a cushion with your head aligned with your spine and your back straight. Your arms should be resting in your lap or at your sides, and you should be comfortable.

2.) Try to filter out all the sounds you can hear other than the sound of the rain outside, coming down and hitting the ground.

3.) Different sounds are made by the water landing on different types of surfaces, such as mud, a puddle or a hard surface, and after a few minutes, you will be able to identify the different sounds.

4.) Try to imagine the feel of the rain on your skin, and the smell of the rain as well as the sound of it coming down. Imagine yourself drinking the rainwater and it making its way to your stomach.

5.) Imagine rainy days earlier in your life and what happened on them; for example your mother may have retrieved your umbrella from the school bus on a rainy day many years ago.

6.) Try to give a name to the various sensations, ideally by allowing yourself just to come up with the names without consciously thinking of them.

7.) Set aside any cares and worries and just immerse yourself in the feeling.

8.) Once you have finished your meditation session, get up slowly and try to retain that feeling of peace and calm that you have found, while contemplating your normal routine and tasks.

9.) Make your own recording of rainfall or look online for one; that way, you can recreate the feeling even when it isn’t raining.

Cleansing Meditation

1.) Find a seat where you can see the rain falling, and it can be indoors or enclosed outdoors.

2.) Look at the rain and attempt to identify a single drop of rain or stream of rain, and focus on it falling from the clouds to the ground.

3.) Try to register what is on your mind or bothering you, without being overly analytical or trying too hard. If there are issues for those you love, try to identify these.

4.) Imagine that the rainwater is able to purify and heal, and that the power of the rain can wash away problems or wash away suffering, rather like water can get grease and dirt off dirty dishes.

5.) Make a decision to solve one problem or address one situation that day, by means of a practical resolution. It might be helping out a friend who has lost their job or visiting an older neighbor.

6.) The responsibilities of the day can distract you from this once you have finished the meditation, and you stand a better chance of following trough if you come up with a word or image that serves as a reminder.

A rainy day doesn’t mean that you cannot be productive, and you can harness the power of the rain and make it work for you, by using the sounds of rain and the cleansing properties of the water.