Manifestation, Visualization and Cork—The Importance of Vision Boards to Ambitious People

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If you think that vision boards are just for people who are unmotivated or unambitious, then you are missing out on a tool that may just transform your personal and professional life. Vision boards may be simple, but they are undeniably effective—even for already ambitious people. In fact, these tools are perfect for the overly ambitious who want to achieve their dreams and goals and who want to do it quickly.

No matter what it is that you are manifesting, vision boards are an easy and tangible way to bring your goals and dreams into fruition. All you really need are dreams that really motivate you, photos, some positive affirmations and a little cork.

Why Vision Boards?

One of the biggest challenges that many ambitious people struggle with is how they can focus their thoughts and their ambitious in a more organized way. When you are a true “go-getter” it may seem like there are millions of dreams, desires, thoughts and ideas circling around in your head at any given moment.

Vision boards act as a funnel to help focus some of the bigger thoughts and ideas and to get them organized in one individual and inspiring board. The reason that these boards work so well and why they are so popular is because they harness the power of the visualization forms of mental exercise out there.

Visualization can be the difference between being ambitious enough to want something and actually following through. Visualization brings an extra sense of motivation as it helps you feel, visualize and imagine not only what you want to achieve, but your life once you have achieved that goal. The board acts to inspire you to move towards the goals that you have for yourself. It helps you stay on track and stay focused and act as a reminder for what you are working towards each and every day. It can be the difference between what you are doing on a daily basis to make your long-term goals a reality.

Getting a Jump Start on Your Dream

One of the biggest reasons that so many people today are relying on vision boards and doing so with great success is because they provide a type of “jump start” in reaching your goals. Every person knows the old adage that taking the first step is the hardest, and there is a great deal of truth to that, especially when it comes to working towards big dreams.

You may know that you want to open up your own store someday but it can seem like such a distant dream that you have no idea where or how to start, because that dream seems so big. A vision board is your jumping off point.

If you don’t even know where to start or where to begin with a big, long-term goal, make a vision board. It will turn that thought or wish that you have into a real goal and a real vision and it will start bringing that sense of inspiration into your life each and every day so you can get closer and closer to the life that you want. Your vision board gives you that first little push and it can help you create a map towards achieving your dreams, for the truly ambitious many times this is all they need to start digging in and doing the work towards making those dreams a reality.

A Focus on Feeling

For the ultra-ambitious, a vision board provides a unique benefit because it focuses on feelings and emotions. When you complete a vision board correctly it touches not only upon the material things that you want for your future but on how you want to feel. This is why vision boards should not only include pictures but affirmations and inspirational words as well.

As most ambitious people can attest to, working hard to achieve a goal typically isn’t the challenge. This is why so many ambitious people have already achieved so much. What can be challenging is finding a more emotional connection to that which they want to achieve. Bringing in feeling and emotion can only enhance an already-ambitious person’s work ethic and ability to achieve what they have always wanted.

Vision boards push people outside their comfort zone, they help put dreams into reality and they give people the strength to push past nay-sayers and negativity and to start putting the positivity in their lives that they need to achieve their goals. Chances are you already have the drive and ambition, let the vision board bring the right feelings into the mix.

Keeping Hard Workers on Track

If you are an ambitious person by nature, then hard work likely isn’t your problem. However, there is one drawback that some ambitious people face when it comes to reaching their long-term goals. When you aren’t afraid to go after what you want, sometimes, your long term goals can fall by the wayside of what is in front of you.

While you may have long-term goals of working hard at your 9-5 job to retire and open a bakery someday, if you are really ambitious the promotions in front of you and the short-term goals you have for yourself and your career may start to become a priority. This can distract you from the things that you really want in life if you are the type of person that just naturally works hard to succeed at what is in front of them.

A vision board can help you change that. It can help remind you of these big, important, long-term visions for your future and help you remember that the things you are doing now in your day-to-day life are really helping you work towards this bigger vision you have for yourself for the future.

Putting the Right Energy into Your Future

Every ambitious person should want to have as many tools in their arsenal as possible when it comes to helping themselves find success. A vision board is another tool that can help people achieve what they want to. Even the most dedicated go-getters can use some help from time-to-time, especially when big goals and dreams are on the line.

A vision board can be the manifestation tool that any ambitious person needs to make some of their real big goals come true. These boards are about who you want to be as a person and what you want to do and have. The promotion, the car and the big house you have always wanted for yourself have always been there, but creating a vision board about these things helps you visualize your life with these things in them.

Seeing these things and picturing yourself with these things helps you give them more attention on a regular basis, so that you intentionally and unintentionally put more energy into bringing them into fruition. It is a simple philosophy and an even simpler approach but it can be just the secret weapon every ambitious person needs to bring even more success, positivity and good fortune to their lives.

Author: Mindvalley Academy

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Reducing Symptoms of ADD


What you are about to read is an experiment that was conducted regarding ADD ( attention deficit disorder) in my office with an anonymous test subject.

The purpose of this test was to see if a person with symptoms of ADD measured by a standardized test could be improved by listening to two different 10 minute audios from my Life Response Frequencies Brain Training System prior to taking the test. The two audios that were used in this experiment are:

  1. Health and Vitality Essentials
  2. Energy and Enlightenment Essentials.

The hypothesis is that the frequency ranges and technology contained in these 2 audios should improve subjects symptoms measured by the administered test.

At this time, I am not going to reveal the name and creators of the test but it is important to know that it has been scientifically validated and has 0.7 error coefficient. In other words, it is considered to be exceptionally reliable.

This is what happened:

First test:

Subject 1 took initial test on July 26th 2012 in my office to measure symptoms of ADD regarding the following areas:

  • Sustained Attention Low Target Frequency
  • Response Inhibition Low Target Frequency
  • Sustained Attention High Target Frequency
  • Response Inhibition High Target Frequency

Test subject 1 did not listen to the audios.

Results of First Test:

The subject scored significantly below the age group norm. More details below.

Second Test:

Subject 1 took the second test on September 17th 2012 in my office. Before taking the test, Subject 1 heard two audios from my Life Response Frequencies collection prior to taking the test:

Subject 1 was fitted with headphones and heard the10 minute version of the Health and Vitality Essentials audio. Immediately after, the subject then heard the 10 minute version of the Energy and Enlightenment Essentials audio.

Subject 1 waited for 10 minutes, then took the ADD test.

Results of Second Test:

Subject 1 showed significant improvements in 3 of the 4 measured areas. Subject one still scored below the age norm in the 4th area but did make a solid improvement.

Here are the partial results:


The results of this test show that for Subject 1, the combination of hearing the 10 minute version of the Health and Vitality Essentials Audio followed by the 10 minute version of the Energy and Enlightenment audio did significantly improve the symptoms of ADD as measured by the test.

It is important that as of this moment in time, we do not know if the symptoms of ADD measured by this test exhibited by Subject 1 will continue to remain in the Normative range for his age group. I will test this hypothesis at a later date.

The only thing we do know is that there was significant improvement upon taking the test 10 minutes after to listening to the two 10 minute audios.

If I get permission from the creators of the test, I will publish the full, unedited comparative report for your evaluation.


I did not design Health and Vitality Essentials audio nor the Energy Enlightenment Essentials audio to improve symptoms of ADD. However, based on my experience with this technology and understanding ADD, it made sense to me that these frequency ranges could help improve symptoms of ADD.

Furthermore, I am not claiming that my products will help with the symptoms of ADD. I am simply providing the results of an experiment that I did in my office.

You should not assume that these audios will help you or anyone else with ADD just because SUBJECT 1 achieved these results. More tests and research are required to further evaluate the possible positive impact ( short term and long term ) that these audios may provide with person diagnosed with ADD.

Energy and Enlightenment Essentials is a bonus that comes with Life Response Frequencies

Two Meditations To Brighten Your Day

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Besides using Brainwave Entrainment Music for Meditation like Jeff’s Life Response Frequencies, the following meditations are perfect for those rainy days when you are unable to get outside to do what you originally had planned:

Relaxing Meditation

1.) Sit on a cushion with your head aligned with your spine and your back straight. Your arms should be resting in your lap or at your sides, and you should be comfortable.

2.) Try to filter out all the sounds you can hear other than the sound of the rain outside, coming down and hitting the ground.

3.) Different sounds are made by the water landing on different types of surfaces, such as mud, a puddle or a hard surface, and after a few minutes, you will be able to identify the different sounds.

4.) Try to imagine the feel of the rain on your skin, and the smell of the rain as well as the sound of it coming down. Imagine yourself drinking the rainwater and it making its way to your stomach.

5.) Imagine rainy days earlier in your life and what happened on them; for example your mother may have retrieved your umbrella from the school bus on a rainy day many years ago.

6.) Try to give a name to the various sensations, ideally by allowing yourself just to come up with the names without consciously thinking of them.

7.) Set aside any cares and worries and just immerse yourself in the feeling.

8.) Once you have finished your meditation session, get up slowly and try to retain that feeling of peace and calm that you have found, while contemplating your normal routine and tasks.

9.) Make your own recording of rainfall or look online for one; that way, you can recreate the feeling even when it isn’t raining.

Cleansing Meditation

1.) Find a seat where you can see the rain falling, and it can be indoors or enclosed outdoors.

2.) Look at the rain and attempt to identify a single drop of rain or stream of rain, and focus on it falling from the clouds to the ground.

3.) Try to register what is on your mind or bothering you, without being overly analytical or trying too hard. If there are issues for those you love, try to identify these.

4.) Imagine that the rainwater is able to purify and heal, and that the power of the rain can wash away problems or wash away suffering, rather like water can get grease and dirt off dirty dishes.

5.) Make a decision to solve one problem or address one situation that day, by means of a practical resolution. It might be helping out a friend who has lost their job or visiting an older neighbor.

6.) The responsibilities of the day can distract you from this once you have finished the meditation, and you stand a better chance of following trough if you come up with a word or image that serves as a reminder.

A rainy day doesn’t mean that you cannot be productive, and you can harness the power of the rain and make it work for you, by using the sounds of rain and the cleansing properties of the water.

Getting The Most Out of Your Daily Affirmations

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You have probably seen affirmations in books or online. You may have even tried them for yourself but you may not have saw much improvement in your life after doing so. Nevertheless, it would still be great to experience more positive personal changes from affirmations.

In order to make affirmations work for you, you must first understand what they really are. Affirmations are positive statements that are written as though you’re saying them. They address your personal characteristics or wish to have. A lot of them include content that encourages your mind to think about the characteristic via self-reflection.

There are many ways in which you’ll benefit from affirmations. In order to do so, you must do the following:

  1. Clear your mind prior to reading them. This will take around 15 minutes because you’ll need to then read, process and reflect upon the affirmation.
  2. Make sure that you’re familiar with all of the words that are used within the affirmation. Otherwise, you should look up any words that you’re unfamiliar with.
  3. Say the affirmation over again in your own words. This will increase your understanding and retention of it.
  4. Try to apply the affirmation to your own life. Ask yourself whether or not you act, think or feel like the affirmation suggests? If you find that you already handle the subject matter as it’s portrayed within the affirmation, then saying the affirmation will confirm this quality within your own mind, thus helping to give your self-confidence a boost. On the other hand, if you feel as though you respond in less than positive ways to the situation that is described within the affirmation, you should be able to learn something from it. Also, make sure that you reflect upon the positive methods within the affirmation in order to help develop those things within your own life. Try to apply the information in similar situations in the future too.
  5. It is important to understand that one of the affirmation’s main functions is to encourage you to look at your own life. An effective affirmation will state that you’re skilled at something or that you’re able to emotionally deal with certain situations in healthy ways.
  6. Affirmations will help you to achieve self-improvement. If you’d like to live a very fulfilling life, then affirmations will provide you with a lot of topics that you can reflect upon. This is because they confirm the great qualities you already have and help you to develop and strengthen the characteristics that you’d like to have. By combining self-reflection and repetition the affirmation will be able to reach your sub-conscious causing you to be able to make the changes that you’d like to see happen within your own life.
  7. Affirmations will also help you find new, exciting qualities within yourself. Since life can be difficult, engaging in continuous self-discovery will help you to get through these things better.
  8. As you utilize these strategies, you’ll discover new things about yourself as you read through the affirmations. You’ll also learn to apply this information to your life in order to strengthen yourself.

400 Years of Sound Healing Frequencies

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Thank you for an amazing product. I get excited every time you launch something new or offer anything new, which is a testimony to the efficacy of your products. You really are Numero Uno, as far as I am concerned and I have been listening to bwe tracks over the last 10 years and have been aware of the brain level frequencies for 30 years or so, using the ticking clock method in the past, before the bwe tracks came on the scene.

May I say how glad I am that you came back to us, as the world sorely needs you and I for one am very happy about that. I know it sounds selfish, but I have not come across a single bwe engineer who produces the kind of work you do, and I have tried them all in the hope that I could find something that does not need me waiting a whole bloody month to start see results.

Your videos and audios work so fast I start seeing results in two to three days. That is unheard of. “

Reversing Alpha Blocks

So what is an Alpha Block?

An Alpha block is a persistent and ongoing reduction Alpha brainwave activity.

Why is this a Problem?

More and more people are suffering from Alpha blocks and after answering 3 consecutive support tickets on this very topic, I've decided to address it publicly.

Alpha Brainwave activity is associated with lighter meditative states. Associated with super learning. Relaxed yet alert but not necessarily engaged in active processing. Ready to respond, positive thinking, creative problem solving. Mood elevation, stress reduction, enhanced creativity, bridges the consciousness with the unconscious mind, better access to resources involved in creativity, can be a ource of motivation and inspiration

When people experience an Alpha block, all the positive things that are associated with Alpha Brainwave Activity may become diminished. Some positive aspects may even disappear altogether.

What are the symptoms?

Here are common symptoms that people may experience when their Alpha Brainwave activity is blocked. Some people will experience one or more of the following.

· The little things seem to create inappropriate irritation and frustration

· Confusion / Brain fog. Trouble keeping track of things and poor memory.

· Difficulty learning new things

· More stress than usual

· Even simple everyday tasks seem overwhelming

· Inability to make decisions

· Irrational negativity that just won’t stop

· Diminished problem solving

· Very little seems exciting

· Sudden onset of extreme fatigue

· Trouble falling asleep

· Trouble waking up

· More fearful than usual

· Tendency to self-medicate more with drugs and alcohol

· Saying things that you later regret

Understanding the causes of Alpha Blocks.

Alpha blocks are becoming more and more common partially because of over exposure to negative stimulation (media) combined with less exposure to positive stimulation, increasing what I call “Diminished and Dysfunctional Alpha”.

I say partially because in my experience, most Alpha blocks require some sort of chronic stress, fear, overwhelm and / or past or present trauma to take hold. (Not always, but mostly).

It is important to note that most people that suffer from chronic stresses are mostly unaware of it because of the onset is usually gradual and people have a tendency to accept it as a normal part of life.

When chronic stress or past / present trauma is involved, it is essential that they be lessened or completely resolved either be eliminating the root cause or by learning new adaptive strategies.

This part is crucial because chronic stress, PTSD and other unresolved trauma keeps the limbic system in an over active state where it does not have a chance to unwind and thus prevents physical and emotional recovery.

The Action Plan

If you suspect that you have an Alpha block, here is an action plan that has worked well in my practice.

Step 1

Limit exposure to negative media and messages. Increase your exposure to positive media and messaging.

During an exclusive training, I was shown the physical impact of just one negative message on the bodies’ neurology. I was given one negative message and was given several muscle tests. The results were mind blowing. My entire physical system suffered a significant loss in energy.

Shortly afterwards, I was given a series of positive messages and then same muscle tests were given again. The results were dramatic. Not only did I recover my lost energy but became stronger than my baseline measurement.

As a result of this training we learned that the vast majority of people significantly underestimate the impact of negativity and significantly overestimate their ability remain unaffected negative to  messaging.

On the flip side, people significantly tend to underestimate the positive impact of positive messaging and overestimate their ability to function in the absence of positive messaging.

The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” is far more valid than you may have ever thought.

Step 2

I have found that broad spectrum Alpha stimulation is very helpful. I find 10Hz, 10.5Hz 11Hz and 12 Hrz sprinkled with a little bit of 8Hz and 9Hz is most effective.

I recommend 30 minutes of broad spectrum alpha stimulation with your eyes closed giving it your full attention. 30 minutes, two to three times per day. Use with headphones. I also find that a combination of binaural beats and Isochronic tones is more effective than just one or the other.

Here is one that you can download for free. Click here! (opens a new window)

If you are not familiar with Audio / Video brainwave stimulation, you may want to take it slow and gradually ramp up to my recommendations. Before using any of my technology, please read my technology disclaimer here.

Step 3

Use video stimulation sessions in the Alpha range. 7 minutes to 14 minutes, once or twice a day works well in addition to the audio stimulation. Many of my Passive Brain Fitness Videos are perfect for this.

My Smarter in 7 Minutes Passive Brain Fitness Video that is offered for free may provide some help but it was not designed for this specifically.  You can get here if you don't already have it.

I’ll be making a collection of Passive Brain Fitness Videos in the coming weeks that are designed specifically to help with Alpha blocks. I’ll let you know when they are ready. If you’re a member of my Passive Brain Fitness Membership, you’ll be getting these automatically as part of your membership

Don’t use video stimulation if you have any risk factors for epilepsy or seizures.

Step 4

Begin addressing the root causes of chronic stress and / or trauma.

Finding a therapist that specializes in stress / trauma is great idea. The only problem with one on one therapy is that for many, it is financially out of reach. Good therapist can be very expensive, ranging in price from $145 to $500+ / an hour.

If you don’t know what the root causes are and / or you can’t afford to seek out a good therapist, you can begin to incorporate several adaptive strategies that have proven to lesson and even eliminate chronic stress in some people.

“If a person engages in activities that increase self-confidence, sense of self-worth and overall sense of well-being, then the effect of chronic stress and / or trauma may be reduced enough to completely correct blocked Alpha brainwave activity when combined with other strategies.

You can find a list of strategies in Step 5.

Step 5

Here are some great activities that you can engage in every day that will help induce strong, balanced Alpha brainwaves and may increase your overall sense of happiness.

Engage in Mindfulness Practice every single day.

If you can get up to 14 minutes a day, the research is real positive in its ability to help restore balance and happiness to your life. IF you find it difficult to meditate, consider audio / video brainwave stimulation to help guide you into the mindfulness state.

EFT Trauma codes work well for some people.

Simply think of the thing or situation causing you stress or trauma reaction and tap the codes out 3 times in a row.

Engage in regular acts of random kindness.

The research is undeniable about how this can have a major impact on the production of feel good brain chemicals that contribute to the production of Alpha Brainwave activity.

Focus on gratitude.

What are you grateful for? Chances are if you’re reading this on a computer, you’ve got it better than Billions and Billions of other people on the planet. Be outwardly grateful and thank full for all things great and small. From the air you breathe to the ground beneath your feet. Practice gratitude every day and make it a habit.

Bless people every day.

When I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed or otherwise beat down, (yes, I have a bad day ever now and again) I go out to a public place like a shopping mall and I silently bless everyone I pass with the following:

“I bless you with peace, prosperity, happiness and health”

If you want to take up a notch, you can say:

“I bless you with ever increasing peace, prosperity, happiness and health now.”

I’ll do a couple laps at the local mall and by the time I’m done, I am feeling like trillion bucks.

I don’t have any research to back this up but it works for me and the vast majority of my clients that actually go in do it. It’s almost magical! You must give it a go.

Wrapping up

If you think you are suffering from an Alpha block, there are things you can do about it. I’ve covered a few of them here today. The important thing is that you start with some action, even if it is small step. Get moving and build on your success.

If you like this article, please share it. I’ll post again soon with some tips designed to help you live a better life soon.


Jeffrey Gignac

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The Unfailing Wisdom of The Universe

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Seven years past, I learned that an Angelic Guide Group wanted to utilize one of my programs ( Life Response Frequencies ) to energetically clear and balance the 4 Wheels of Life...Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Health for anyone and everyone that would accept it.

I was told this by two spiritual healers that I had grown to love and trust over the years.
This was not easy for me to accept but these two spiritual healers were able to prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This kind of thing is hard enough to talk about without sounding crazy BUT for me, It has been even harder because everything I’ve done in my career up to now has revolved around science-based technologies.

It would have been different if I was known as one of these people that teaches and talks about this kind of thing but I’m not… OR a least I wasn't.

When I first learned about the spiritual connection that flowed through Life Response Frequencies I remember thinking to myself “What’s the big deal?” and “How is this going to help me make money and grow a thriving business?”

I remember thinking, “Surely a divinely appointed spiritual guide group could come up with a better gift for people than this".

I’m a little ashamed to admit it but these immature and short sighted reactions to learning what Life Response did were the first things that came to mind.

As the last few years have continued to unfold, I’ve discovered what the “big deal” really is.

"Failing to respond appropriately to what life hands us is the primary cause of pain, suffering and disappointment… not only for us as individuals but for humanity."

Now that I know better, I understand that the gift of responding appropriately to life is the cornerstone of manifestation, transformations and enlightenment.

There is no other single more important factor that influences our level of happiness, prosperity, peace and health then this.

As I am talking to you now, I am in total amazement at the wisdom of these gifts. If we were given the gift to manifest our desires at will, it would eventually lead to our individual self-destruction and the destruction of humanity because of how we as people have learned to react and overreact to life rather than respond to it appropriately.

It is only when we learn to appropriately and thoughtfully respond to life with clarity, wisdom and love will we unlock the power and divinity of our god-selves.

More and more, as we learn to create out of love for humanity so will our ability to manifest without limitations be revealed.