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Free Your Mind From The Negativity of  The Past and Create The Life You Desire...

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Wash Away Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety While Optimizing Your Brain for
Happiness, Prosperity and  Productivity!

15 Self-Empowerment Modalities In Each 7 Minute Audio / Video Session!

Give Yourself a Super Dose of Positive Programming With Brain Optimization in 7 Minutes!

EmpowermentWe believe The 7 Minute Reset is the fastest, most powerful piece of self-empowerment technology ever developed.

It is made for speed and ease of use. Simply load up one of the session on your computer or mobile device and give it your full attention for 7 minutes. That's it!

This technology is so powerful that you will feel a positive shift in the way you think and feel, the very first time you use it. You will feel it working or your money back.

When you use the 7 Minute Reset, it's like taking your brain to the gym. It's like building and strengthening your Happiness, Prosperity and Productivity muscles each time you use it.

As these "Mental Muscles" get stronger and stronger, your ability to use them increases effortlessly as you go.

Imagine how your life changes when Happiness, Prosperity and Productivity are your natural states of being...


Hypnotic Re-Patterning

Rick-Saruna2Rick Saruna, from the Body and Mind Clinic will guide you in a powerful hypnotic re-patterning process that will help eliminate stress,fear and anxiety as it unlocks the power of your subconscious mind!


During this process, you'll remove self-sabotage, negative thinking and other road blocks that are stopping you from living the life you want to live.


Pre-Conscious Priming

Pre-Conscious priming has been scientifically validated as an effective way to improve thinking when used in conjunction with positive messages.

In each 7 minute session, you'll get nearly 200 carefully crafted messages that flash on screen 1600 times. These energetically powerful messages flash at different rates and speeds so to prime your pre-concious mind with strength and positivity.


Visual Subliminals

In 1973 visual subliminal messages were banned for use in marketing on TV. Numerous studies show that visual subliminal messaging works better then any other form of subliminals.

In one study, smokers were put on a smoking cessation program. Of those those that received subliminal messages, 63% remained non smokers verses only 13% that did not receive these messages.

In addition to having pre-conscious priming messages which can actually be seen when they flash, you also get the same messages delivered subliminally for maximum effectiveness.

Peripheral Vision Messaging

Peripheral Vision Messaging is similar to pre-concious priming in the sense that they are flashed on screen quickly, however they reach the subconscious through peripherally.

Your peripheral vision works differently then your centre focus vision. Messages that are seen peripherally are easily absorbed without judgement.

In order to help get more of these energetically strong and positive messages into your brain, you will be asked to track an object with your eyes as it moves on screen. As you track this object on screen, different parts of the video will be processed through your peripheral vision.

The result is a stronger impact on your ability to stay energetically strong and positive.

Sound Localization Brain Fitness

Sound Localization Brain Fitness moves sound in rich 3D auditory landscapes that forces your brain to repeatedly bounce electrical signals back and forth from the right and left side of the brain.

Sound Localization is a natural function of our internal sound system and it requires intense mathematical processing by the brain.

When our internal sound system has to process multiple instances of sound localization, the electrical activity and blood flow expands in the brain to accommodate this work.

As a result, your brain becomes more balanced, flexible and ready to take on the world.

Eye Movement Brain Fitness

Just as we use sound to exercise the bran, we also use complex visuals to REV UP higher order thinking.

Jeffrey has developed a unique and proprietary process that stimulates the visual system to expand blood flow and electrical flow in the brain by using motion, colour and geometric shapes.

Through this process, trapped negativity and negative thinking become much more difficult to sustain because negative feelings and emotions loose intensity when the blood flow and electricity begin trending towards expansion and away from restriction.

In each session, your visual system will be stimulated in such away that sustaining negative feelings will be more difficult once the session is complete.

The more you use the technology, the better it works over time.


Depth Perception Brain Fitness

Another powerful way to expand electrical activity and blood flow in the brain is through engaging the visual system to use depth perception.

Our visual system loves to process objects and movement of these objects in space in relationship to the person looking.

In each session, you'll engage your visual system by seeing complex and simple objects moving about on screen while the background imagery changes. This process will further help you feel better and promote positive thinking and an overall sense of well-being.

Brainwave Stimulation / Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment and Brainwave Stimulation have been proven in multiple, clinically peer-reviewed studies to increase intellectual performance, increase relaxation and to reduce stress.

They have also shown to be effective in deepening meditation, pain relief and reducing feelings of anxiety.

In each 7 minute sessions, you will receive Visual and Auditory Brainwave stimulation / entrainment.

This is very important because the brainwave stimulation research demonstrates that the most powerful results are achieved when visual and auditory stimulation are used together.

Blood Flow Optimization

Jeffrey's Passive Brain Fitness® Technology is thought to optimize blood flow to both the right and left sides of the brain so that you can have access to all the wonderful resources available to you.

Negative feelings and emotions choke off access to important regions of the brain used for decision making, clarity of thought and problem solving.

Brainwave Optimization

The combination of all these technologies come together to optimize your brainwave activity for mood elevation and enhanced mental performance across 5 main areas of intelligence.

Calm, cool and confident, that's how this technology will make you feel and the more you use it, the more pronounced these results will become.

Using a 7 minute session prior to doing anything that would benefit from increased mental or physical performance is an easy way to put this technology to work for you right away!

Colour Science

There are specific colours that have been clinically proven to affect mood, behaviour and thinking. Jeffrey has taken this research and added colour ranges that help move you away from negative emotions and thinking and towards general positivity and alertness.

This is just one more aspect of Jeffrey's Passive Brain Fitness® Video and Audio Technology that makes the 7 Minute Reset the most powerful self-empowerment technology on the planet.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness practice is well documented to lower stress, fear and anxiety while promoting calm, peace and harmony.

People that practice mindfulness report having a greater degree of happiness, health and productivity. The results of mindfulness practice are so well researched that insurance companies across the west are now providing free resources to help their clients learn and use mindfulness. Why? Because it saves them money by promoting increased health, happiness and well-being.

The big problem is that learning mindfulness meditation is hard and many people give up before they can gain any benefit.

As you watch each 7 minute session and you give it your full attention, you are practising mindfulness. Each session is developed to make mindfulness practice easy while retaining more benefits then if you were to practice it without the technology.


The 7 Minute Reset Sessions are based on what neuroscience has taught us about the brain over the last 30 years.

We know that anything we do again and again eventually becomes automated by the brain. This includes bad thinking habits, emotions and overall intellectual functioning.

When you use a 7 Minute Reset Session, your teaching your brain to function at a higher level with feelings of positivity and confidence. Over time, as you continue to use this technology, your brain will learn this new habit of higher functioning, happiness and productivity.

Sacred Geometry

This what Wikipedia says about Sacred Geometry.

"Sacred geometry is used as a religious, philosophical, and spiritual term to explain the fundamental laws of the universe covering Pythagorean geometry and the perceived relationships between geometrical laws and quantum mechanical laws of the universe that create the geometrical patterns in nature."

We use the Flower of Life to further stimulate the visual system and increase electrical activity in the brain. We feel that using these complex geometric shapes with our advanced technology adds a unifying element that connects spirituality, science and the universe.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Rick Saruna and Jeffrey Gignac are both highly accredited masters of NLP and clinical hypnotherapy. They have used their experience in NLP and hypnosis to combine all of these self-empowering technologies in such a way that is unmatched in any other program.

Each 7 Minute Session is designed for your highest good, happiness, health and success. These audio / video sessions will help remove negativity and obstacles that stop you from being your authentic self and the best you can be.

The language used to create these positive messages are heavily rooted in NLP and Hypnosis methodology. These messages have been proven to be make people stronger when used with muscle testing.

The Eye Tracking Patterns used in these sessions are also rooted in NLP and Rick's own "Through Shifting" techniques. With just a little education, you can use these sessions to complete desensitize very intense fears and anxiety permanently.


This is What is Included in This
Ground-Breaking Package!

Reset and Optimize
Audio / Visual Package

  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - HD Version
  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - Computer Version
  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - Mobile Version
  • 7 Minute Audio Only Version (MP3)
  • Instructional Video
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7 Minute Reset

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New Beginnings
Audio / Visual Package

  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - HD Version
  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - Computer Version
  • 7 Minute Audio / Video Session - Mobile Version
  • 7 Minute Audio Only Version (MP3)
  • Instructional Video


REG: $95
Special Price:  Only $27

Launch Bonuses...Only Available During This Special Promotion!

Life Response Frequencies
Hypnosis / Guided Meditations

Sold For $47- $67

This is a 5 pack of hypnosis / guided meditations made with the highly acclaimed Life Response Frequencies Brainwave Stimulation sound tracks as the background.

Each track contains brainwave stimulation to strengthen your brain in the 5 fundamentals ways required to live a happy and successful life.

On each track, Jeffrey Gignac guides you through an imaginative process designed to improve your ability to attract and create more Abundance, Happiness, Peace and Health.


  • Prosperity and Abundance (40 Minutes)
  • Happiness Essentials (40 Minutes )
  • Peace and Harmony (20 Minutes)
  • Health and Vitality (40 Minutes )
  • Energy and Enlightenment (20 Minutes)

Stress Relief and Total Relaxation

Sold in stores for $24


This is the original retail release sold in selected stores in Canada. Stress Relief and Total Relaxation contains 5 beautiful tracks that will help you achieve profound states of relaxation and meditation.

These tracks will help you to easily dissolve stress, relax fully and completely while giving you the benefits of deep meditation.

  • Guided Meditation (10 Minutes)
  • Dissolve Stress (20 Minutes)
  • 10 Minute Tension Release (10 Minutes)
  • Release and Recharge (30 Minutes)
  • Total Relaxation (30 Minutes)

The Perfect Sleep System

Sold in stores for $24


This is the original retail release sold in selected stores in Canada. The Perfect Sleep System contains 3 sleep tracks and 2 bonus tracks. The sleep tracks include a guided meditation and 2 audio only versions that will guide you into a blissful nights sleep.

These tracks a specifically designed to help shut off mind chatter, help you fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed.

  • Introduction (5 Minutes)
  • Sleep Meditation (10 Minutes)
  • Perfect Sleep One (28 Minutes)
  • Perfect Sleep Two (32 Minutes)
  • Bonus Track: Revive (20 Minutes)
  • Bonus Track: Stress Relief (36 Minutes)

REG: $95
Special Price:  Only $27

Meet Rick Saruna

Rick-Saruna2Rick Saruna is Clinical Director of Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic. Body & Mind is a fulltime professional clinical therapy practice specializing in behavioral changes, stress elimination and releasing emotional issues. These include anxiety, depression, sadness, fear, anger, guilt and trauma. The clinic is also well known for weight loss and quit smoking.

Rick is known as the therapists’ therapist working with many local and international therapists on many of their own personal issues. He is considered a specialist in alternative therapies and methods. He works with a true Body and Mind methodology. This incorporates a holistic approach in naturally creating desired changes and empowerment.

Rick is a trained therapist, counselor, coach and consultant working with 1,000s of people since the 1990s. As an approved counselor for Victim Services he has worked with many extreme emotional issues and situations often called upon when conventional therapies don’t work. His therapies and processes are known to get quick lasting results in the most difficult emotional events.

A respected speaker and presenter Rick presents at several conferences throughout the year. He often presents on his special process called Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment.

This is a unique specialized technique to release stuck emotional issues through eye patterns and a specific method of subconscious reprogramming through special language patterns. Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment is a process to not only remove issues but also to remove blocks to success and happiness.

An established author Rick wrote, “Thought Shifting – How To Remove The Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days”. The book not only teaches you to be positive, it shows you how to do it step by step. Used by his clients and other therapists it is a guide to create lasting change. As Rick says removing emotional issues does not make anyone positive, only the specialized process Thought Shifting does.

His methods incorporate a mental, emotional and physical integration unknown amongst most therapists and counselors. Rick is also utilizes nutritional interventions and is regarded as an expert in helping many people solve unresolved health issues.

Rick is an expert and instructor in hypnosis, NLP, Rapid Emotional Release and Thought Shifting. Rick also has many certifications and trainings from various organizations and schools including Harvard Medical School.

Meet Jeffrey Gignac

Jeffrey Gignac was one of the youngest people in North America to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor for 4 years before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World Renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation.

Jeff published author, writing his first book in 1999 with his most recent contribution “The Secret Skill” appearing in “Adventures in Manifesting” Success and Spirituality.

Jeff is the creator top selling products such as the Perfect Sleep System,  The Achievement Blueprint, Goal Factory and Brain Fitness for Busy People.

Having created nearly 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwave programs, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology.

Jeff has created several unique and proprietary technologies that continue to revolutionize the field of brainwave entrainment and personal development.

These include:

  • Element “B” Audio technology:
    • A proprietary way of delivering binaural beats to improve cortical evoked responses in the brain and to speed up the process of inducing a frequency following response.
  • Passive Brain Fitness Audio Technologies
    • A proprietary method of exercising the brain passively using complex audio frequency patterning and spatial manipulation of sound.
  • Passive Brain Fitness Video Technologies
    • A proprietary method of exercising the brain passively, using Passive Brain Fitness Audio Technologies and video stimulation technologies simultaneously to improve various cognitive factors.

REG: $95
Special Price:  Only $27