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Passive Brain Fitness® delivers 15 hours of highly complex audio / visual stimulation in 7 minutes.

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My scores are starting to skyrocket!

I've been using Smarter in 7 Minutes" video for about a week. It works! It's awesome! My scores had been plunging all summer until now. According to their diagnostics I was having a bad case of attention deficit. Suddenly after watching your video for a week my scores are starting to skyrocket!

- Jorge Rivas, Smarter in 7 Minutes Customer

Amazed at the remarkable progress...

"Just wanted to stop in and say thank you again. I am so happy I found you and your technology.My brain is doing so much better! I've had fibromyalgia since 1979, the brain fog has gotten worse and worse through these years.

Now, my brain is not as foggy as before I started using your products. Some days are amazingly wonderful--no brain fog at all !! I am amazed at the remarkable progress in such a short time."

- Kathy Raczka - Smarter In 7 Minutes Customer

*Passive Brain Fitness® may temporarily improve cognitive functioning, mood and productivity when used as directed. While many of our customers have reported improvements in memory, problem solving, stress and over all happiness, Passive Brain Fitness® has not been clinically proven create long-term enhancements in memory, cognition or intelligence. You should not assume that testimonials, results and benefits described by our clients and / or in-house research will translate explicitly to you as a result of using Passive Brain Fitness® and our programs. Results vary from person to person based on a multitude of factors including but not limited to: education, motivation, pre-existing medical and non-medical conditions. Passive Brain Fitness® is not suitable for everyone. Please read our full terms of service, warnings and precautions and disclaimers before using Passive Brain Fitness® and any of our programs.